10 Trending Prom Makeup Ideas

Prom Makeup Ideas For Prom Season

Here’s The Best Prom Makeup Looks For 2019

Prom season is here! It’s time to break out your favorite prom look for this year’s biggest semi-formal dance. Skip the hassle and let our professional makeup artist give you a remarkably stunning makeup look for your prom night. But before we say any more, come explore some of our client's favorite makeup looks.

Get ready to steal the show with the perfect prom makeup look And if you still haven’t found the best prom hairstyle for you, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Find the best prom hairstyle for your next promenade semi-formal dance right here.

Ready to find your next prom makeup look? Let’s get started!

1. Prom Makeup Look: Peach Eyes

If you’re looking for an awe-inspiring prom makeup idea, you should consider peach eyes. Peachy makeup is a new trendsetting blend for the warm weather in West Palm Beach. At first glance, the beautiful radiant peach eye makeup look will capture everyone’s attention. Even more important, peach eye makeup blends perfectly with prom dress colors. It’s no secret Peach Eye makeup has prom semi-formal dance season written all over it. And the best part is, our professional West Palm Beach makeup artist are fully prepared to bring this remarkably stunning look to life. We have everything you need to add the perfect peach accent to your smoky eye makeup. Combined with the right peach blush, you will be the talk of the town.

2. Prom Makeup Look: Purple Glittery Eyes + Pink Lips

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, we can help you take your prom outfit to the next level with the perfect blend of purple and pink makeup. While most people have a hard time working with pink, our professional West Palm Beach makeup artist has spent years working with purple and pink in their makeup palette. Not to mention, we love the way purple and pink looks with a sparkling dash of glitter. Chances are, if you’re thinking about wearing this makeup look to prom, you’re going to capture everyone’s attention. Not only does this prom makeup look shine through the crowd, but it also it ignites a lovely flare to your confidence.

3. Prom Makeup Look: Blue Smokey Eye+ Nude Lips

4. Prom Makeup Look:Gold Glittery Eyes Mauve Lips

If you’re looking for a dramatically bold seductive makeup idea, it’s time to consider the blue smokey eye+ nude lips. Starting with a bold and blue eye cover, you’re going to instantly fall in love nude lipstick and gloss. Trust us. Once you see yourself in the mirror you fall in love with yourself over and over again. And to top it off, we also recommend having your eyebrows arched and lashes extended. With so many reasons to love this style, it hard to turn this look own. If you can see yourself wearing this look, you should consider contacting one of our professional makeup artists in West Palm Beach.

5. Prom Makeup Look: Gold Glitter Lower Lash Line

If you’re looking for the sparkle to your eye, try the gold glitter lower lash line. We’re confident, this look will make you stand out in every picture. In essence, the dusky pink and relatively neutral top eye look will instantly win the crowd over. Trust us, this radiant attention-grabbing will have you spending more time in front of the camera than ever before. It will also bring out the beauty of your eyes and your skin tones. Furthermore, this prom makeup look goes great with every prom dress

6. Prom Makeup Look:Elegant Eye Look For Brown Eyes

7. Prom Makeup Look: Nude Lips + Pop Of Color

Love the skin your in! If you can appreciate the beauty of precious skin tones, you’re going to how much of a difference nude lips can do for. Set it off with a pop of color, you illuminate the whole room. Whether you’re looking for an icy blue eye shade or a golden eye shade, this makeup look is drop dead gorgeous. And that’s just the beginning. The intricate deals of this prom look will make you shine through. Our professional makeup artist in West Palm Beach do a beautiful job for prom.

8. Prom Makeup Look: Gold Eye Makeup + Double Eyeliner

The glow up is real. Get ready to transform the way you look with an extraordinary Gold Eye makeup + Double Eyeliner. This beautiful look starts with gold on the eyelid and embraces a double eyeliner. Trust us. This is one look you won’t regret. There’s nothing quite like the way this makeup idea gives you the perfect balance of unmatched beauty and subtle attractiveness. From start to finish, we think you’re going to love this makeup idea.

9. Prom Makeup Look: Glam Glittery Eyes

Prom is the perfect time for glam glittery eyes. Sparkle up your special day with a captivating new look. Ultimately this looks consists of dazzling sparkles, with black liner flick and long lashes. This chic and elegant look will look amazing on anyone in West Palm Beach going to prom. If this looks appealing to you, contact us today.

10. Prom Makeup Look: Beautiful Icy Blue Makeup

Last but not least, West Palm Beach clients have been falling in love with our beautiful icy blue look. Designed with shimmering glitter. Black eyeliner and long lashes, this look breathtaking. Complimented with a nude lipstick and a blue or black dress, and this look will redefine the way people look at you forever. This beautiful icy blue makeup look is a true red carpet look. If you’re interested in finding out more about this makeup idea, contact us today.

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Now that you have read about all of our prom makeup looks, it’s time to come find your new prom makeover. Whether you’re interested in one of the prom makeup ideas that we have mentioned above, or you have a style in mind of your own, we can help you bring your vision to life. Our professional makeup artist in West Palm Beach can help you change the way you think about prom. We can help you turn your prom night into a night to remember. Let us show you how we can help you get ready for this once in a lifetime special occasion. Contact Kosmetike Beauty Salon, and let one of our professional beauty consultants help you find the best look for you. Give us a call at (561) 352-4659 or fill out the free online form below.

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