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False eyelashes are an excellent alternative for people who love beautiful, long, lashes. The benefits of wearing fake eyelashes go beyond looks. False eyelashes can help you protect your natural eyelashes. At the same time, false eyelashes are a great way to help you protect your eyeliner makeup from tears of joy. You’ll also be surprised to know that false eyelashes can help you save time on the go. Believe it or not, we understand how much time goes into getting ready for a wedding, prom, or just the night out. Therefore it’s always great to have a pair of false eyelashes on hand to transform the way you look. Not to mention, fake eyelashes look amazing on camera.

If you’re not sure how to apply your lash strips, don’t worry. You are not alone. Most of our West Palm Beach clients struggle with putting on fake eyelashes. Therefore, we offer:

  • FREE false eyelash application courses with our makeup lessons

  • FREE false eyelash application services for everyone who schedules a full facial

  • FREE false eyelash applications for wedding makeovers and bridal parties

  • FREE fake eyelash application services for prom makeovers

In short, we make it easier for everyone to enjoy beautiful, long, lashes. So, if you’re looking for false eyelashes near me, look no further. Fill out the free online form above. Once you complete the form, one of our local makeup artist in West Palm Beach will contact you. We will help you with any questions or concerns that you may have about eyelashes.

If you still want to learn more about false eyelashes, keep reading.

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How Long Do False Lashes Last

Temporary false lashes are designed to last 3-7 days. However fake lashes are not intended to be worn when showering, sleeping, swimming. Therefore false eyelashes are great for proms and weddings.

While fake eyelashes can be worn 4-5 times if taken care, this requires proper maintenance if you’re looking for semi-permanent lash solutions you should consider eyelash extensions.

What should I expect to pay for false eyelashes?

The cost of false eyelashes varies based on size and quality. If you’re not sure which eyelashes are the best for you, check out our eyelashes. We offer affordable high-quality lashes for everyone. We also provide free eyelash application services for everyone who purchases our lashes. If that’s not enough, we also bundle our false lash application services with each of our packages. Therefore, you can save time and money on your eyelashes. And, you don’t have to worry about comprising the way you want to look. Contact our professional makeup artist today.

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